At the maritime museum in the small coastal town of Marstal five large charcoal drawings of a ship adorns one wall.

They are in a sequence and with handwritten texts on the same paper but beneath the drawings, like a giant illustrated novel. The five pictures and texts describe the fate of the schooner brig Flora, from leaving Firth of Forth on the 9th of December 1875 sailing into a storm while trying to reach Kiel with a shipment of coal. The six members of the crew fought the storm for weeks and weeks until they succumbed to the fact that the ship would sink - and they with it.

I remember standing there and staring at the drawings, in a room full of large and beautiful models of schooners encased in glass boxes. I decided to retell the loss of the Flora, but with a crew made of felt and a rebuilt ship more or less the size of those in the room - but all by using 3d software.